Silicon Investigations

Scanning Electron Microscope Image

As a leader in recovering protected code from programmable devices using advanced tools such as the scanning electron microscope (SEM) allowing us to identify the security features embedded in integrated circuit die.  The bright objects in the upper center and right side of the photo are the wires that bring signals to and from the chip.



Full range of MC68HC705xx, MC68HC908xx, MC68HC912xx

MC68HC11/705/711/811 ... ...
MC68HC11A8AB95T MC68HC11A8C96N MC68HC11A8D26E MC68HC11E203E22B MC68HC11E91B60R MC68HC11E9D82R MC68HC11E9E22B MC68HC11E9E28B MC68HC11EA92D47J MC68HC11F12F37E MC68HC11F1E87J MC68HC11K12D58N MC68HC11K41E62H MC68HC11K4OE75J MC68HC11KA41E59B MC68HC11KS20H95B MC68HC11KS40E57S MC68HC11KS40F60M MC68HC711E201H19S MC68HC711E94K81H MC68HC711E95C47M MC68HC711EA90D46J MC68HC711K4K59D MC68HC711PH80H30R MC68S711E95C47M MC68HC711KS81H96P MC68HC11P22E74J MC68HC711P21E53M

MC68HC705C4(A)/C8(A)SR3/JIA/P6A ... ...
MC68HC705C4 MC68HC705C4A MC68HC705C8 MC68HC705C8A MC68HC705C9 MC68HC705C9A MC68HC705SR3 MC68HC705J1A MC68HC705B16 MC68HC705B32 MC68HC705X16 MC68HC705X32 MC68HC05B6 MC68HC05B8 MC68HC05B16 MC68HC05B32 MC68HC05X16 MC68HC05X32 MC68HC05H120H57A

MC68HC908AB/AS/AZ ... ...
MC68HC908AZ602J74Y MC68HC908AZ604J74Y MC68HC908AZ60A3K85K MC68HC908AS603J74Y MC68HC908AS60A1L87J MC68HC908AB323K56G MC68HC08AZ601J35D MC68HC08AZ320J66D MC68HC08AZ321H56A MC68HC08AS200H94K MC68HC08AZ32A1L52H

MC9S12A MC9S12C MC9S12D MC9S12DJ MC9S12DG MC9S12DP MC9S12DT MC9S12GC ... ...
MC68HC912DC128A3K91D MC68HC912DC1280K50E MC68HC912DG1285H55W MC68HC912DG128A3K91D MC68HC912DG1280K50E MC68HC912D60A2K38K MC68HC912D600K75F MC68HC912D600K13J MC68HC912D604F73K MC68HC912B324J54E MC68HC912B329H91F MC9S12DG128B0L85D MC9S12DT128B0L85D MC9S12A128B0L85D MC9S12DB128B0L85D MC9S12DT128B1L85D MC9S12DG256C2K79X MC9S12DT256C2K79X MC9S12H1281K78X MC9S12H2561K78X MC9S12DP256C2K79X MC9S12DT128B3L40K MC9S12DP5121L00M

DSP56F801 DSP56F802 DSP56F803 DSP56F805 DSP56F807 DSP56F826 DSP56F827
MC68HC11E9 MC68HC11EA9 MC68HC11F1 MC68HC11K1 MC68HC11K4 MC68HC11KA4 MC68HC11KS2 MC68HC11KS4 XC68HC711KS8 MC68HC711E20 MC68HC711E9 MC68HC711EA9 MC68HC711PH8 MC68HC11P2
MC68HC711E9 MC68HC711E20 MC68HC711EA9 MC68HC711K4 MC68HC711PH8 XC68HC711KS8 MC68HC11P2 MC68HC811
MC68HC705C4A MC68HC705C8A MC68HC705C9A MC68HC705SR3 MC68HC705J1A MC68HC705B6 MC68HC705B16 MC68HC705X16 MC68HC705B32 MC68HC705X32 MC68HC705P6A
MC68HC908AB16A MC68HC908AB32 MC68HC908AP8 MC68HC908AP16 MC68HC908AP64 MC68HC908AS20 MC68HC08AS32 MC68HC908AS32 MC68HC908AS60 MC68HC08AZ32 MC68HC908AZ60 MC68HC08BD24 MC68HC908BD48 MC68HC908EY8 MC68HC908EY16 MC68HC08GP16 MC68HC08GP32 MC68HC908GR4 MC68HC908GR8 MC68HC08GR16 MC68HC908GR32 MC68HC908GR48 MC68HC908GR60 MC68HC908GT8 MC68HC908GT16 MC68HC908GZ8 MC68HC908GZ16 MC68HC908GZ32 MC68HC908GZ48 MC68HC908GZ60 MC68HC908JB8 MC68HC908JK1 MC68HC08JK3 MC68HC08JK8 MC68HC08JL3 MC68HC08JL8 MC68HC908JL16 MC68HC08JT8 MC68HC08KH12 MC68HC908KX8 MC68HC908KX12 MC68HC908LB8 MC68HC908LD60 MC68HC908LD64 MC68HC908LJ12 MC68HC908LJ24 MC68HC908LK24 MC68HC08LT8 MC68HC908LV8 MC68HC908MR8 MC68HC908MR16 MC68HC908MR32 MC68HC908QF4 MC68HC908RF2 MC68HC908SR12
MC68HC912DC128A MC68HC912DG128A MC68HC912D60A MC68HC912B32 MC9S12DG128B MC9S12A128B MC9S12DB128B MC9S12DT128B MC9S12DG256C MC9S12H128 MC9S12DP256C MC9S12DP512 MC9S12

Silicon Investigations




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