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Scanning Electron Microscope Image

As a leader in recovering protected code from programmable devices using advanced tools such as the scanning electron microscope (SEM) allowing us to identify the security features embedded in integrated circuit die. The bright objects in the upper center and right side of the photo are the wires that bring signals to and from the chip.



Full range of HT46Rxx, HT47Rxx, HT48Rxx ... HTxxxxx

HT46R04 HT46R12 HT46R14 HT46R22 HT46R23
HT46R232 HT46R24 HT46R46 HT46R47 HT46R48
HT46R51 HT46R52 HT46R53 HT46R54 HT46R62 HT46R63
HT46R64 HT46R65 HT46R652 HT46R71
HT46R72 HT46R73 HT46R74 HT46R82 HT46R83 HT46R84
HT46RB50 HT46RB70 HT46RU25 HT46RU66
HT47R10 HT47R20
HT48R05 HT48R06 HT48R07 HT48R08 HT48R09 HT48R10
HT48R30 HT48R37 HT48R50 HT48R52
HT48R70 HT48RA0 HT48RA1 HT48RA3 HT48RA5 HT48RB8
HT48RU90 HT48X50
HT49R30 HT49R50 HT49R70 HT49R84
HT49RA0 HT49RB50 HT49RB70 HT49RU90 HT49RV3 HT49RV5 HT49RV7 HT49RV9
HT81R03 HT81R09 HT81R18 HT81R36
HT82A802 HT82A821 HT82A822 HT82A832 HT82J97E
HT82J98E HT82K68E HT82K69E HT82K70E HT82K71E HT82K72E HT82K73E HT82K75E HT82K92E HT82K92E HT82K94E HT82K95E HT82K96E
HT86384R HT86R192 HT86R384 HT89R10
HT95A10P HT95A20P HT95A30P HT95A40P
HT95C20P HT95C30P HT95C40P H
T95L00P HT95L10P HT95L20P HT95L30P HT95L40P
HTG2130R HTG2150R HTG2160R HTG2190R HTG21A0R HTPK2U10

Texas Instruments:

Full range of MSP430Fxxx

MSP430F110 MSP430F1101 MSP430F1111 MSP430F112 MSP430F1121 MSP430F1122 MSP430F1132 MSP430F122 MSP430F1222 MSP430F123 MSP430F1232 MSP430F133 MSP430F135 MSP430F147 MSP430F1471 MSP430F148 MSP430F1481 MSP430F149 MSP430F1491 MSP430F155 MSP430F156 MSP430F157 MSP430F1610 MSP430F1611 MSP430F1612 MSP430F167 MSP430F168 MSP430F169 MSP430F2001 MSP430F2002 MSP430F2003 MSP430F2012 MSP430F2012 MSP430F2018 MSP430F2101 MSP430F2111 MSP430F2121 MSP430F2131 MSP430F2232 MSP430F2234 MSP430F2252 MSP430F2254 MSP430F2272 MSP430F2274 MSP430F2330 MSP430F2350 MSP430F2370 MSP430F412 MSP430F413 MSP430F415 MSP430F417 MSP430F423 MSP430F425 MSP430F4250 MSP430F4260 MSP430F427 MSP430F4270 MSP430F435 MSP430F436 MSP430F437 MSP430F447 MSP430F448 MSP430F449

Cygnal or Silicon Labs:

Full range of C8051Fxxx

C8051F000 C8051F001 C8051F002 C8051F005 C8051F006 C8051F007 C8051F010 C8051F011 C8051F012 C8051F015 C8051F016 C8051F017 C8051F018 C8051F019 C8051F020 C8051F021 C8051F022 C8051F023 C8051F040 C8051F041 C8051F042 C8051F043 C8051F044 C8051F045 C8051F046 C8051F047 C8051F060 C8051F061 C8051F062 C8051F063 C8051F064 C8051F065 C8051F066 C8051F067 C8051F120 C8051F121 C8051F122 C8051F123 C8051F124 C8051F125 C8051F126 C8051F127 C8051F130 C8051F131 C8051F132 C8051F133 C8051F206 C8051F220 C8051F221 C8051F226 C8051F230 C8051F231 C8051F236 C8051F300 C8051F301 C8051F302 C8051F303 C8051F304 C8051F305 C8051F310 C8051F311 C8051F312 C8051F313 C8051F314 C8051F315 C8051F316 C8051F317 C8051F320 C8051F321 C8051F326 C8051F327 C8051F330 C8051F331 C8051F332 C8051F333 C8051F334 C8051F335 C8051F336 C8051F337 C8051F338 C8051F339 C8051F340 C8051F341 C8051F342 C8051F343 C8051F344 C8051F345 C8051F346 C8051F347 C8051F350 C8051F351 C8051F352 C8051F353 C8051F360 C8051F361 C8051F362 C8051F363 C8051F364 C8051F365 C8051F366 C8051F367 C8051F368 C8051F369 C8051F410 C8051F411 C8051F412 C8051F413 C8051F520 C8051F521 C8051F523 C8051F524 C8051F526 C8051F527 C8051F530 C8051F531 C8051F533 C8051F534 C8051F536 C8051F537 C8051F920 C8051F921 C8051F930 C8051F931 C8051T600 C8051T601 C8051T602 C8051T603 C8051T604 C8051T605 C8051T610 C8051T611 C8051T612 C8051T613 C8051T614 C8051T615 C8051T616 C8051T617


Silicon Investigations



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