Silicon Investigations Repair Service

  Hewlett Packard Equipment Repair, Service and Software

      We repair the following Agilent / Keysight / Hewlett Packard  test equipment, including:
(many links also have the original HP operating and service manuals available for that model)

HP 3561A & 3562A Dynamic Signal Analyzers
HP 3577A Network Analyzer
HP 3582A Spectrum Analyzer
HP 3585A/B Spectrum Analyzer
HP 3588 Spectrum Analyzer
HP 4140B pA Meter/Voltage Source
HP 4141B DC Souce/Monitor
HP 4145A and 4145B Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers
HP 4155A/B and 4156A/B/C Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers
HP 4194A Impedance/Gain - Phase Analyzer
HP 4195A Network/Spectrum Analyzer
HP 4352B VCO/PLL Signal Analyzer
HP 4395A Network/Impedance/Spectrum Analyzer
HP 4396A/B Network/Impedance/Spectrum Analyzer
HP 5371A and HP 5372A Time Interval Analyzers
HP 8340A and HP 8341A/B Synthesized Sweep Generators
HP 8350A/B Sweep Oscillator Mainframe, HP 835xxx and HP862xx Plug ins
HP 8510C Network Analyzer
HP 8511A/B, HP 8514A, HP 8515A/B, HP 8517A/B S-Parameter Test Sets
HP 8530A Network Analyzer
HP 8560A/E/EC Spectrum Analyzers
HP 8561E Spectrum Analyzer
HP 8562A/E Spectrum Analyzers
HP 8563A/E Spectrum Analyzers
HP 8564E Spectrum Analyzer
HP 8565A/E Spectrum Analyzers
HP 8566B, HP8567A, HP 8568B Spectrum Analyzers
HP 8719C/D/ET/ES Network Analyzers
HP 8720C/D/ET/ES Network Analyzer
HP 8722C/D/ET/ES Network Analyzer
HP 8751 Network Analyzer
HP 8752A/C/D Network Analyzers
HP 8753A/B/C/D/ES/ET Network Analyzers
HP 8756A Network Analyzer
HP 8757A/D Network Analyzers
HP J680x LAN Analyzers

      In many cases we carry refurbished major components for the above machines.  Also, we have complete refurbished units available.  Please contact us with your equipment needs.

Here is a link to a Hewlett Packard Bench Briefs tech bulletin from 1987 that has some useful firmware & hardware update information on various HP analyzers.  HP Firmware/Hardware Reference

      Below is a list of manuals and application information for other HP equipment.  We support the following HP equipment, but do not have dedicated pages:

HP 8901A/B Modulation Analyzers:

HP 8901A Operation Manual
HP 8901A Service Manual
HP 8901A Applications
HP 8901A Application Note 286-1
HP 8901B Operation Manual
HP 8901B Service Manual Vol #1
HP 8901B Service Manual Vol #2
HP 8901B Service Manual Vol #3

HP 8922 PCS/GSM Test System:

HP 8922x Operation manual
HP 8922x Programming Manual
HP 8922x Service Manual
HP 83220A/E User Manual

HP 3314A Signal Generator

HP 3314A Operation Manual
HP 3314A Service Manual (older)
HP 3314A Service Manual (newer)

HP / Agilent, Keysight  3581A/C Wave Analyzer

HP 3581A/C Operation and Service Manual

In many cases the older HP equipment has much of the functionality of the newer models at 1/10th the cost of refurbished newer equipment and up to 1/30th the cost of new.  In many instances we charge a flat rate exchange fee for replacing a defective or malfunctioning sub assembly.

We Also have refurbished units available.  Please Contact us with your requirements.

Other  HP/Agilent/Keysight instruments we service.  Please note that this is not a complete list.  If you have equipment not on this list, please contact us with your requirements.

Keysight  M8020A  M8020A J-BERT High-Performance BERT
Keysight  37718A  OC-48 Communication Analyzer
Keysight  37718B  OC-12 Communication Analyzer
Keysight  71612B  12 Gb/s Error Performance Analyzer
Keysight  81618A  Interface Module
Keysight  81623B  Optical Power Head
Keysight  81634B  Optical Power Sensor Module
Keysight  81635A  Dual Optical Power Sensor
Keysight  8163A   Lightwave Multimeter System
Keysight  8163B   Lightwave Multimeter Mainframe
Keysight  8168F   Tunable Laser Source
Keysight  83433A  10 Gb/s Lightwave Transmitter
Keysight  83434A  Lightwave Receiver
Keysight  86120C  Multi-Wavelength Meter
Keysight  86130A  3.6 Gb/s Bit Error Rate Test Set
Keysight  AXT     Alien Crosstalk Stimulator
Keysight  E6000B  Color Mini OTDR Mainframe
Keysight  E6000C  Color Mini OTDR Mainframe
Keysight  E6005A  Multimode OTDR Module
Keysight  E6006A  Optical Power Meter Module
Keysight  E6008B  Singlemode OTDR Module
Keysight  J1981A  Voice Quality Tester
Keysight  J1981B  Voice Quality Tester
Keysight  J2127A  OC-192 SONET/SDH Test Set
Keysight  J2173A  FDDI Module For J2219A
Keysight  J2296B  E1 Interface
Keysight  J2298D  E1/T1 Module
Keysight  J2299B  T1 Interface - RJ-45
Keysight  J2905B  ISDN BRI S/T and U Interface Module
Keysight  J3759B  E3/DS3 ATM/WAN Module
Keysight  J4630A  VQT Undercradle for J2300
Keysight  J7230A  OmniBER OTN Communications Analyzer
Keysight  J7231B  OmniBER OTN Communications Analyzer
Keysight  J7232A  OmniBER OTN Communications Analyzer
Keysight  33622A  Waveform generator, 120 MHz, 2-channel
Keysight  M8195A  65 GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Keysight  N5193A  N5193A UXG 10 MHz to 40 GHz Agile Signal Generator
Keysight  15432B  Transition Time Converter, 250ps
Keysight  33120A  33120A Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Keysight  33220A  20 MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Keysight  33250A  Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Keysight  33502A  Isolated Amplifier - 2 Channel, 50 Vpp
Keysight  33522A  2-Channel 30 MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Keysight  33522B  Waveform generator
Keysight  5372A   Modulation domain pulse analyzer
Keysight  81101A  50 MHZ 1 CH PULSE GENERATOR
Keysight  8110A   Pulse Pattern Generator, 150 MHz
Keysight  81110A  Pulse Pattern Generator, 165/330 MHz
Keysight  81130A  Pulse Data Generator, 400/660 MHz and 1.32 Gb/s
Keysight  81133A  Pulse Pattern Generator, 3.35 GHz, single channel
Keysight  81134A  3.35 GHz, 2-Channel Pulse / Pattern Generator
Keysight  81141A  Serial Pulse Data Generator, 7 GHz
Keysight  81142A  13.5 GHz Serial Pulse Data Generator
Keysight  8114A   High Power Pulse Generator, 100V / 2A
Keysight  81150A  Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generator
Keysight  81160A  Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generator
Keysight  8116A   50MHz Pulse Generator
Keysight  8118A   Pulse Generator
Keysight  8131A   Pulse Gen Opt 20
Keysight  8133A   Pulse Generator
Keysight  83592B  RF Plug-in for the 8350B, 10 MHz to 20 GHz, +13 dB
Keysight  83620A  Synthesized Sweeper, 10 MHz to 20 GHz
Keysight  83620B  Synthesized Sweeper 10 MHz to 20 GHz
Keysight  83623B  High Power Swept-Signal Generator, 0.01 - 20 GHz
Keysight  83630A  10MHz to 26.5GHz Synthesized Sweeper
Keysight  83630B  Synthesized Swept-Signal Generator, 0.01 - 26.5 GHz
Keysight  83640B  Synthesized Swept-Signal Generator, 0.01 - 40 GHz
Keysight  83650B  Synthesized Sweeper
Keysight  83712B  Synthesized CW Generator, 10 MHz to 20 GHz
Keysight  83731B  Synthesized Signal Generator, 1 - 20 GHz
Keysight  83732B  Synthesized Signal Generator, 0.01 - 20 GHz
Keysight  83752A  Signal Generator
Keysight  83752B  High Power Synthesized Sweeper, 0.01 - 20 GHz
Keysight  8648A   100 kHz to 1000 MHz Synthesized Signal Generator
Keysight  8648B   9 kHz to 2000 MHz Synthesized Signal Generator
Keysight  8648C   9 kHz to 3.2 GHz Synthesized Signal Generator
Keysight  8648D   9 kHz to 4 GHz Synthesized Signal Generator
Keysight  8656B   Synthesized Signal Generator, 0.1 to 990 MHz
Keysight  8663A   2.5 GHz Synthesized Signal Generator
Keysight  8664A   100 kHz to 3 GHz High-Performance Signal Generator
Keysight  8665A   4.2 GHz High-Performance Signal Generator
Keysight  8665B   100 kHz to 6 GHz High-Performance Signal Generator
Keysight  8683A   2.3 - 6.5 GHz Signal Generator
Keysight  E4420B  250 kHz to 2 GHz signal generator
Keysight  E4421B  250 kHz to 3 GHz signal generator
Keysight  E4422B  250 kHz to 4 GHz Signal Generator
Keysight  E4423B  250 kHz to 1 GHz signal generator
Keysight  E4424B  250 kHz to 2 GHz signal generator
Keysight  E4425B  250 kHz to 3 GHz signal generator
Keysight  E4426B  250 kHz to 4 GHz signal generator
Keysight  E4428C  ESG Analog Signal Generator
Keysight  E4432B  250kHz to 3GHz Digital RF Signal Generator
Keysight  E4433B  250kHz to 4GHz Digital RF Signal Generator
Keysight  E4436B  3 GHz Digital RF Signal Generator
Keysight  E4437B  Digital RF Signal Generator
Keysight  E4438C  ESG Vector Signal Generator 3 GHz
Keysight  E8247C  20GHz Analog Signal Generator
Keysight  E8257C  250 kHz to 20 or 40 GHz CW signal generator
Keysight  E8267D  20 GHz Vector Signal Generator
Keysight  E8663D  E8663D analog signal generator
Keysight  M8190A  M8190A 12 GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Keysight  M9381A  PXIe Vector Signal Generator: 1 MHz to 6 GHz
Keysight  N5102A  Baseband Studio Digital Signal Interface Module
Keysight  N5106A  Baseband Generator and Channel Emulator
Keysight  N5128B  6 GHz MXG RF Vector Signal Generator
Keysight  N5161A  MXG ATE analog signal generator
Keysight  N5171B  9 kHz to 6 GHz EXG RF Analog Signal Generator
Keysight  N5172B  9 kHz to 6 GHz EXG RF Vector Signal Generator
Keysight  N5173B  N5173B EXG X-Series microwave analog signal generator
Keysight  N5181A  MXG Analog Signal Generator
Keysight  N5182A  MXG Vector Signal Generator
Keysight  N5182B  Vector Signal Generator
Keysight  N5183A  MXG 20 GHz Microwave Analog Signal Generator
Keysight  N6030A  Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Keysight  M8061A  Multiplexer 2:1 with De-emphasis 28 Gb/s
Keysight  N1610B  Service Advisor Portable Test Tablet
Keysight  N2640A  WireScope Pro  LAN Cable Tester
Keysight  N4876A  28 Gb/s Multiplexer 2:1
Keysight  N4880A  Reference Clock Multiplier for PCI Express, MIPI M-PHY and SD
Keysight  N4901B  Serial BERT
Keysight  N4903A  12.5 Gb/s BERT System
Keysight  N4903B  12.5 Gb/s BERT System
Keysight  N4915A  Transition Time Converter
Keysight  N4916A  De-Emphasis Signal Converter
Keysight  N4916B  De-Emphasis Signal Converter
Keysight  N4951A  32Gb/s Pattern Generator Remote Head
Keysight  N4952A  32Gb/s Error Detector Remote Head
Keysight  N4960A  Serial BERT Controller with Jitter Injection

Please see our shipping information page for packing and shipping of your valuable instrument: Shipping Cautions

Please call us at 920-955-3693 or email  with any questions


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