Integrated Circuit Deconstruction
Silicon Investigations offers a wide selection of services to support industry and acadamia.  Our primary focus is on intellectual property in the semiconductor industry, but we offer many other niche services.  Our semiconductor services include detailed failure analysis of devices, code extraction from secured microcontrollers, PALs and PLDs,  and generating documentation from proprietary or obsolete components (including locating functional equivalent devices).  Our engineering services include repair and retrofit of Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) systems, design and construction of new UHV systems, high voltage engineering & system design and reverse engineering of semiconductor devices.  Our test and measurement division offers repair services for Hewlett Packard (Agilent) spectrum analyzers, network analyzers and semiconductor parameter test equipment.
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Our mission:

  • To serve the semiconductor, scientific and research community by providing highly specialized services.  Our capabilities can augment your in house abilities with timely and affordable results tailored to your specific needs.
  • To provide time and cost effective reverse engineering of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits, specializing in failure analysis, secured code recovery and support for the intellectual property (I.P.) protection offices of corporations world wide.
  • To use our capabilities to shore up your intellectual property by protecting your products from infringement by would be pirates and counterfeiters.
  • To extract the programming (code) from secured PALs, PLDs, microcontrollers, and smart card integrated circuits, providing your patent defense attorneys with the information needed to protect your valuable I.P.
  • We also provide additional services in the reverse engineering field, including schematic generation and the complete documentation of whole circuits and products.
  • In addition to our reverse engineering services, we also consult on intellectual property issues and patent applications.
  • We offer advanced laboratory capabilities, including Scanning Electron Microscopy, X-ray microanalysis, optical microscopy, chemical analysis, RF plasma processing & deprocessing, ion milling, cryogenic optical imaging and advanced electronic testing to assist clients in finding solutions to difficult problems.
  • We can also act in a security analysis capacity to identify product weaknesses, before they become a liability.  By evaluating your products at an early stage of development, we can spot potential weaknesses that could leave your product vulnerable to being compromised.

Additionally, we offer services tailored to the needs of  the scientific and industrial customer in challenging economic times:

  • Cost effective repair of outdated or obsolete electronic equipment, including  service for Hewlett Packard (Agilent) test & measurement  equipment
  •  Obsolete component identification/substitution
  •  Component level repair of circuit boards
  •  Schematic/documentation generation
  •  Software engineering

    Custom design:

  •  Product prototypes
  •  Manufacturing consulting
  •  Ultra high vacuum and high vacuum system design and retrofit
  •  Custom vacuum tube assemblies for high voltage switching
  • Cryogenic testing of semiconductor material/devices
  • Chemical/electronic process design and consulting

    Forensic analysis and data recovery:

  •  Ability to recover data from heat/fire damaged semiconductors
  •  Sophisticated failure analysis capabilities

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