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Printed Circuit Board Repairs:

military smd board

S.I. repairs a wide range of instrumentation products across a broad spectrum of industries. S.I. keeps your older machinery or equipment operating by providing repair services on products that the OEM no longer supports. We can provide the highest quality standards for the testing and repair for a variety of instrumentation and scientific products.


Some of the Machines we repair or Refurbish are:


  • Vacuum Coating Machines  
  • High vacuum Processing Equipment
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
  • Industrial, Scientific & Medical Lasers
  • Hewlett Packard (Agilent, Keysight) and Tektronix Test Equipment Repair
  • Vacuum Box Coaters
  • Electron Microscopes
surface mount repair

We specialize in the following obsolete Hewlett Packard  equipment, including:

HP 3562A Dynamic Signal Analyzer
HP 3577A Network Analyzer
HP 3582A Spectrum Analyzer
HP 3585B Spectrum Analyzer
HP 3588A Spectrum Analyzer
HP 4140B pA Meter/Voltage Source
HP 4145A and 4145B Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers
HP 4155A/B and 4156A/B/C semiconductor Parameter Analyzers
HP 4194A Impedance/Gain - Phase Analyzer
HP 4195A Network/Spectrum Analyzer
HP 4352B VCO/PLL Signal Analyzer
HP 4395A Network/Impedance/Spectrum Analyzer
HP 4396A/B Network/Impedance/Spectrum Analyzer
HP 5371A & 5372A Frequency and Time Interval Analyzers
HP 8340A and HP8341A/B Synthesized Sweep Generators
HP 8350A/B Sweep Oscillator Mainframe, HP 835xx Plug ins and HP 862xx Plug ins
HP 8510C Network Analyzer
HP 8511A/B, HP 8514A, HP 8515A/B, HP 8517A/B S-Parameter Test Sets
HP 8530A Network Analyzer
HP 8560A/E/EC Spectrum Analyzers
HP 8561E Spectrum Analyzer
HP 8562A/E Spectrum Analyzers
HP 8563A/E Spectrum Analyzers
HP 8564E Spectrum analyzer
HP 8565A/E Spectrum Analyzers

HP 8566B, HP8567A, HP 8568B Spectrum Analyzers
HP 8719C/D/ET/ES Network Analyzers
HP 8720C/D/ET/ES Network Analyzers
HP 8722C/D/ET/ES Network Analyzers

HP 8751A Network Analyzer
HP 8752A/B/C Network Analyzers
HP 8753A/B/C/D/ET/ES Network Analyzers
HP 8756A Network Analyzer
HP 8757A/D Network Analyzers

In many cases we carry refurbished major components for the above machines.

We also repair many models of IFR (Marconi & Aeroflex) spectrum analyzeres.  Please follow these links for information on IFR repairs:

IFR/Aeroflex/Marconi COM 120 Spectrum Analyzer Service Information
/Aeroflex/Marconi 920 Spectrum Analyzer Service Information
/Aeroflex/Marconi 1200 & 1200S Spectrum Analyzer Service Information
/Aeroflex/Marconi 1500 Spectrum Analyzer Service Information
/Aeroflex/Marconi 1600 Spectrum Analyzer Service Information
/Aeroflex/Marconi 1900 Spectrum Analyzer Service Information
/Aeroflex/Marconi 2390 Spectrum Analyzer Service Information
/Aeroflex/Marconi A-7550 Spectrum Analyzer Service Information
/Aeroflex/Marconi MLS800 Microwave Landing System Simulator Service Information

Some of the PC Board Types we Repair are:


  • Analog and Digital Circuit Boards
  • Fine Pitch Surface Mount
  • Chip on Board (COB) Technology
  • Multi Layer PCBs with Buried Vias
  • High Voltage Assemblies
  • Ceramic Substrate Technologies


Some of the Sectors we Service:       

  • University Research
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Vacuum Processing
  • Failure Analysis
  • Medical Industry
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Tool and Die Machine Shops
  • Aviation
  • Nuclear Instrumentation
  • Computer Control Equipment
    • We have State-of-the-art ATE Testing and repair equipment .
    • Competitive Pricing
    • Complete and full Service Repair , Testing, Refurbishment, Modification, Engineering and High Density SMD Design facility
    • Custom designed and programmed testing equipment .
    • Reverse Engineering and repair for products that have little or no data available
    • Excellence in customer service and turnaround time
    • Cost effective, responsive reliable repair solutions
    • Warranty available on most repairs
    • We offer Emergency Repair services
    • Customized repair solutions for your specific needs  


     Decapsulation failure analysis

    Multilayer burried vias

      We test using ATE and have tested and repaired thousands of different off-the-shelf industrial and laboratory systems.


    Our Printed Circuit Board Services include:  

    submicron vias

    •  Design & Manufacturing of new PCBA's
    •  Custom Designed component level repair
    •  Modification and Upgrades  to Obsolete or outdated components  
    • Test Fixture development  S.I. has the expertise to create test programs and to design and build test fixtures. 
    • Reverse Engineering our team can analyze your product and create documentation where none exists

    Design services design, build and test Prototypes or modify products for special applications including  PCB design


    Engineering/Support Services:

    • Electronic Circuit Design: analog, digital, Microprocessor, Software Development, etc.
    • Electronic Schematic Capture software 
    • Electronic Simulation software
    • PCB Layout 
    • PCB Layout with auto routing
    • Component engineering 
    • Test Fixture Design and production
    • Mechanical Design: Enclosures, packaging, Machinery, etc.


Last Modified May 29, 2020

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