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Silicon Investigations Package References.  This is a partial list of standard integreated circuit and discrete component package styles.  The list is updated as time permits, so the newer package styles may not be listed yet.  The semiconductor industry adds dozens of new styles monthly as the chip geometry and packaging density increase in an almost exponential rate.  If you don't see a package type listed, please send us email and we will add it to this page as time permits.



TO92   TO220   TO3P TO126  
    TO237  TO-247       TO-264  

 TO-263 (2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 7 Leads)DO 220 / TO 220

Metal Case Transistors
TO3   TO18   TO39   TO72  TO254 

SOT23/SOT323 SOT25/SOT353 SOT26/SOT363
SOT343 SOT89 SOT223 SOT523

DPAK MELF(Glass)     MELF(Plastic)

Resistor Cap Black & White
Tanta Inductor MELF Al Cap Crystal

SOT23/SOT323 SOT25/SOT353 SOT26/SOT363
SOT343 SOT89 SOT223 SOT523
dpak    d2pakmelf glass     melf plastic


Silicon Investigations is not affiliated with the semiconductor manufacturers listed here except as expressly noted otherwise. Any and all trademark rights associated with the manufacturers' names and products are owned by the respective manufacturers.

Last updated May 29, 2020