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Silicon Investigations I.C.  manufacturer logos reference.  This is a partial list of semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturer's logos, as pictured on the top of the chip packages. The logos may differ from the web site logos and may change periodically, particularly with shrinking package sizes.  Where there are multiple logos used, we try to list all of them here.  Some variants are used as the foundry marks on the actual integrated circuit die.  This information can be very useful when searching for the manufacturer of an unknown chip, particularly in the case of counterfeit chips from China and India, as the logos my look authentic, but are actually copies.

The list is updated as time permits, so newer manufacturers may not be listed yet.  The semiconductor industry is constantly changing as manufacturers merge, spin off product lines to new companies, and, unfortunately, cease operations.  If you don't see a logo listed, please send us an email with a jpg or gif attachment of the logo, and we will research it and add it to this page as time permits.

Identification of IC Manufacturer Logos


Acer Acer Laboratories Actel
Advanced Linear Devices Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Alesis Semiconductor
Agilent Technologies AKM Semiconductor Allayer Communications
Allegro Microsystems Alliance Alpha Industries
Alpha Microelectronics Alpha Semiconductor Altera
American Microsystems American Microsystems ANADIGICs
Analog Devices Analog Devices Analog Systems
Anchor Chips Apex Microtechnology Apex Microtechnology
ARK Logic Astec Semiconductor ATecoM
ATI Technologies Atmel AT&T
AudioCodes Aura Vision Aureal
Austin Semiconductor Avance Logic Averlogic
Bel Fuse Benchmarq Microelectronics BI Technologies
(now Rockwell)
Burr Brown California Micro Devices
Calogic Catalyst Semiconductor Catalyst Semiconductor
C-Cube Microsystems Centon Electronics Cherry Semiconductor
Chips and Technologies (now Intel) Chrontel Cirrus Logic
ComCore Semiconductor Conexant Crystal (Cirrus Logic)
Cosmo Electronics Cypress Semiconductor Cypress Semiconductor
Cyrix Corporation Daewoo Electronics Semiconductor Dallas Semiconductor
Dallas Semiconductor Dallas Semiconductor Data Delay Devices
Davicom Semiconductor Diamond Technologies Diotec
DTC Data Technology DTC Data Technology DVDO
Elantec Elantec Electronic Designs
(White Electronic Designs)
Electronic Technology EG&G Enhanced Memory Systems
Ensoniq Corp Ericsson ESS Technology
Exar Exel Microelectronics (now Rohm) Fairchild Semiconductor
Fuji Electric Fuji Electric Fujitsu
Fujitsu Galileo Technology Galvantech
GEC Plessey General Electric (Harris) General Instrument
(General Semiconductor)
General Instrument
(General Semiconductor)
General Semiconductor Gennum
G-Link Technology Gould (now AMI) Harris (now Intersil)
Harris (now Intersil) Hewlett Packard HFO (VEB Halbleiterwerk Frankfurt/Oder, formely DDR, now BRD)
Hitachi Holtek Microelectronics Hualon Microelectronics
Hyundai iC Designs
(now Cypress)
iC-Haus I-Cube IC Works
IGS Technologies IMP Impala Linear
Infineon Technologies Information Storage Devices Inmos
Integrated Circuit Designs Integrated Circuit Systems Integrated Device Technology (IDT)
Integrated Device Technology (IDT) Integrated Silicon Solutions Integrated Technology Express
Integrated Telecom Express Intel Intel
International Rectifier Intersil Intersil
Intersil ITT (Micronas
Korea Electronics (KEC) KOTA Microcircuits Lansdale Semiconductor
Lansdale Semiconductor Lattice Semiconductor Lattice Semiconductor
Lattice Semiconductor Level One Communications LG Semicon
Linear Technology Linfinity Microelectronics Lite-On
Lucent Technologies Macronix International Marvell Semiconductor
Matra MHS Matra MHS Matra MHS
Matsushita Panasonic Matsushita Panasonic Maxim
Media Vision Media Vision Micrel, Inc.
Micro Electronics Mikroelektronik Erfurt (formely DDR, now BRD) Microchip Technology
Micro Linear Micron Technology Micronas
Micronix Integrated Systems MicroPower Direct Microtune
Mini-Circuits Mitel Semiconductor Mitsubishi
Monolithic Memories
(now Vantis)
Mosaic Semiconductor Mosel Vitelic
MOS Technologies Mostek (ST Microelectronics) MoSys
Motorola Motorola M-Systems
Murata Myson Technology mwave (by IBM)
National Semiconductor National Semiconductor NEC
NEC New Japan Radio (NJR) NVidia Corporation
Oak Technology OKI Semiconductor OKI Semiconductor
Opti Orbit Semiconductor Oren Semiconductor
Performance Semiconductor Pericom Semiconductor PhaseLink Laboratories
Philips PLX Technology PMC-Sierra
PowerSmart Princeton Technology Precision Monolithics
(Analog Devices)
QLogic Qualcomm Quality Semiconductor
Rabbit Semiconductor Ramtron Raytheon Semiconductor
Realtek Semiconductor Rectron Rendition
RCA Solid State
(now Harris)
Rockwell Rohm
S3 Sage Sames
Samsung Electronics Samsung Semiconductor Sanken
Sanken Sanyo Sanyo
Scenix Semiconductor SEEQ Technology Seiko Epson Corp.
Seiko Epson Corp. Seiko Instruments Semelab (Magnatec)
Semtech SGS-Ates
Sharp Shindengen Siemens (now Infineon)
Siemens (now Infineon) Sierra (now PMS-Sierra) Sigma Tel
Signal Processing Technologies Signetics
(now Philips)
Silicon Integrated Systems Siliconix Silicon Magic
Silicon Storage Technology Silicon Systems
(Texas Instruments)
Simtek Corporation
Sipex SMC Solid State Scientific
Sony Space Electronics Spectek
Standard Microsystems Standard Microsystems STMicroelectronics
Synergy Semiconductor
Synertek Taiwan Semiconductor
TDK Semiconductor Teccor Electronics TelCom Semiconductor
(TelCom Semiconductor)
(now Vishay)
Texas Instruments Texas Instruments Thomson-CSF
Toko America Toshiba Toshiba
Toshiba Trident TriQuint Semiconductor
Triscend Tseng Labs Tundra
United Microelectronics Corp (UMC) United Technologies Microelectronics Center Unitrode
USAR Systems USAR Systems Utron Technology
V3 Semiconductor Vadem Valvo
Vanguard International Semiconductor Vantis Via Technologies
Virata Vision Tech Vitelic
VLSI Technology Volterra VTC
Waferscale Integration Weitek
(now Rockwell)
Western Digital
Western Digital Winbond Wolfsom Microelectronics
Xemics Xicor Xicor
Xilinx Yamaha Zetex Semiconductors
Zilog Zilog Zilog
Zilog Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden Zoran Corporation

*The above logos are registered trademarks of their respective companies

Silicon Investigations is not affiliated with the semiconductor manufacturers listed here except as expressly noted otherwise. Any and all trademark rights associated with the manufacturers' names and products are owned by the respective manufacturers.

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