Layered Inorganic Material Research & Development

Layered inorganic materials with unique properties include graphene and molybdenum disulfide.  These materials exhibit unique electrical and physical properties.  Graphene has been called the holy grail of semiconductor research since it has the potential to replace silicon in microelectronics.   Molybdenum disulfide shares the unique atomic structure of graphene, but has its own unique set of properties.

Our current research program is aimed at investigating these unique physical and electrical properties. We have successfully created transistors using graphene.  We have also conducted work on the wettability of graphene and molybdenum disulfide.  There are many applications for atomically thin coatings that can resist wetting by water and other liquids.  One such application is in biomedical implants, as the surface has good biocompatibility.  There are many areas where custom designed surfaces can improve the efficiency and function of every day commodities.

Plasma deposition of graphene is one key technology which will allow for mass production of coated items.  Shown below is our custom deposition chamber for testing plasma chemistries and surface preparation on coupon sized samples.

Graphene can also be prepared by placing ordinary graphite in a supercritical carbon dioxide chamber, then venting the chamber rapidly, which fractures the graphite into multi layer sheets of graphene.  Shown below is the pressure tank used in these experiments and some high quality multi layer graphene.

More information coming soon.

Links to selected graphene papers:

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Graphene Synthesis and Applications

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