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  DSO Nano Firmware Mirror

The DSO 201 Nano Oscilloscope is a single channel oscilloscope that is about the size of your average cell phone.  In addition, the platform is open source, allowing users to customize it to their desire.  Due to difficulty in locating the support files, Silicon Investigations has archived them here for easy access.  These files are provided strictly without warranty or support by Silicon Investigations.  Files will be updated when new versions become available.  The hardware platform also lends itself well to development of non oscilloscope applications and these will also be archived here when available.

Index of Current DSO-201 Nano Firmware and Support Files:
DSO Nano 201 User Manual (pdf)
PC Viewer for DSO Image Files (rar)
DSO Nano 201 SD Memory Card Pre Defined Format File (rar)
DSO Nano Manual ver 1.5b (pdf)
DSO Nano Manual (with links) ver 1.50 (pdf)
DSO Nano Paul's Firmware Manual (pdf)
DSO Nano Firmware Generation and Upgrade (pdf)

DSO Image viewer (rar)
DSO Image viewer source code (rar)

Schematics and PC board layout files:
DSO Nano ver 1.6 schematic (pdf)
DSO 201 V1.1 PCB top (pdf)
DSO 201 V1.1 PCB bottom (pdf)

Source code and firmware update files:
DSO Nano Firmware V2.4 (rar)
DSO Nano Firmware V2.5 (rar)
DSO Nano APP+LIB V2.5e (rar)
DSO Nano 201 V2.5 Source Code (rar)
DSO Nano 201 Library Files V2.21 (rar)
DSO Nano 201 Library File V2.22 (dfu)
DSO Nano File Model (rar)
STMicroelectronics DFU (device firmware upgrade) manager (zip)
STMicroelectronics DFU Manager manual (pdf)

This page will be updated with new versions when available.  Please check back soon for updates.

NOTE: Silicon Investigations does not offer ANY support for this product.  The above files are provided without warranty of any kind.  Silicon Investigations is not liable for any errors or omissions in the above files, nor are we responsible for your use of these files.  It is the sole responsibility of the user to ascertain  if the above files pertain to the users product, the correct method for installing the firmware, and the end use of this product.  Silicon Investigations does not sell or support this product in any way.  The files provided as a curtesy to the users of this product.

Please email [email protected]  with any questions.


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