Silicon Investigations HP 4195A Analyzer Repair Service

The HP (Agilent, Keysight) 4195A vector network analyzer / spectrum analyzer system is still an excellent bargain on the used market.  We repair these machines, as well as buying non working machines and selling refurbished analyzers.  We stock most common sub assemblies for this machine.

The HP (Agilent, Keysight) 4195A  Analyzers have known issues with the power supply, floppy drive and display system.  The floppy IS NOT a standard IBM PC floppy.  Attaching a standard IBM PC floppy WILL DAMAGE THE DRIVE AND ANALYZER.  Please contact us for more information.

If the machine blows the main fuse, do not attempt to replace the fuse and try again.  The power supply can be further damaged by repeated attempts to replace the fuse without diagnosing the cause of the blown fuse.

HP (Agilent, Keysight) 4195A reference material:
HP 4195A operation Manual
HP 4195A Maintenance Manual
HP 4195A Service Manual

HP Application Notes:
Balanced Circuit Measurement with an Impedance Meter / LCR Meter / Network Analyzer
Advanced Filter Evaluation and Limit Testing with HP 4195A Network / Spectrum Analyzer
Measuring Cable Parameters - HP Precision LCR Meters and Impedance Analyzers

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