Silicon Investigations Repair Service

Silicon Investigations Reference Material for IC Reverse Engineering and Patent Protection

Silicon Investigations has extensive experience in reverse engineering. We can reverse engineer semiconductor integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, software, and whole systems.

Below are some links to material that can help you understand the techniques we can use to help you protect your designs from being copied or compromised. Additionally, we can help you locate vulnerabilites in your products before they become a liability.

Links for reverse engineering:

  • New fast Side Channel Analysis (SCA)
  • Backdoor in Chinese clone chips
  • Automation of hidden code extraction
  • 3D Integrated circuit security against Reverse Engineering
  • Code Extraction algorithms - slicing and concept
  • Theory and practice of side channel attacks
  • Data remainence in semiconductor devices
  • Source code extraction - recovering software architecture
  • Pitfalls of hardware security
  • Wireless smart card sidechannel attacks
    Locking down logic
    Hardware vs software cryptographic modules
    Trusted designs in FPGAs for design security

    Links for patent protection:

    Government interest in patents - the atomic bomb case

    For further information, please contact us.

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